After launched in App Store, HDR FX is occupying top rank greatly. HDR FX allows you to have Single-Photo HDR Effect on your photos and at the same time to experience special functions that HDR FX provides. Sceneries in travelling, beautiful sky around sunset, first snow near daybreak and so on…No matter what is taken, the magic promises more beautiful and breathtaking photos.


The 1st Tilt-Shift specialized photo editor for Android! Have you seen incredible miniaturized photos or film-like shallow depth of field images? Now you can make it on your smartphone. 3 types of customizable blur effects, high-quality color filters and vintage vignetting effects are supported.


Awarded Asia's Top 50 apps 2011! Over 72 unique filer effects refine your photo within a second, dramatically. All you need is to be right moment with right people. qbro will make your moment unforgettable and share your moment to your favorite SNS-Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr Cyworld, Me2-day and Renren.